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  • What is the MACD in crypto trading?
    The cryptocurrency rialto over the past five years has become a full-fledged part of the global financial system. Digital assets are used for risk hedging, staking, farming, and long-term storage. But on the other hand, the crypto […]
  • How to Spot the Next Big Coin: Tips, Tricks and Red Flags
    Over the past decade, crypto trading has become an increasingly popular investing opportunity and many ponder how to predict crypto’s future. When looking among over 10,000 coins Bitcoin and Ethereum are obvious choices, however, for those looking […]
  • The legality of Bitcoin in the UK
    The year 2022 has started with a crypto winter. Bitcoin prices have plummeted, and with it, all other cryptocurrencies similar to bitcoin tanked in value. Bitcoin is transitioning from being a currency (or asset, as most of […]
  • Run, blockchain, run! DeFi adoption needs faster block times
    Global companies are implementing distributed ledger technologies in an attempt to gain efficiencies in areas such as global payments and supply chain transparency. Blockchain tech can replace slow, paper-based processes, as well as improve security. However, many […]
  • Russian Court Takes Crypto Exchange Binance off Website Blacklist
    Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, has persuaded a Russian court take its website off a regulator’s blacklist. The site has been blocked since June, when a court in the Arkhangelsk region ruled in favor […]

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